Substitute Teacher FAQs

What is Kelly Educational Staffing?

Kelly Educational Staffing is a service line of global staffing solutions provider Kelly Services, Inc., which specializes in the recruitment, placement, and management of substitute teachers.  As the national leader in educational staffing, Kelly Educational Staffing has partnered with more than 2,900 public and private schools in 31 states, the District of Columbia and the United Kingdom. During the history of our program, Kelly Educational Staffing has successfully filled nearly three million classrooms with substitute teachers who meet and/or exceed state and local teacher requirements.

How will substitute teachers know the classroom/school policies?

As part of our implementation process, detailed information is obtained from each school and provided to substitute teachers during orientation to ensure they are well prepared to enter the classroom.

How many times each month are substitutes required to teach?

Kelly Educational Staffing substitutes should be available three full days of the work week and be willing to work a minimum of two Fridays a month.  If substitutes do not work in a 150 day period, they will be put on inactive in our scheduling system.  Substitutes are not allowed to enter a classroom without a current Kelly background and active status in our scheduling system. The minimum expectation is to work at least five assignments a month; if that is not accomplished subs will be placed on inactive.

Does Kelly charge a fee for employment as a substitute teacher?

No, Kelly Educational Staffing does not charge a fee for employment with our company.

What should I do if I am requested by a specific teacher at a school Kelly works with?

If you are requested for an assignment you must be registered with Kelly Educational Staffing, have a current background and be active in our scheduling system.  If you are active and have been requested please have the teacher schedule the absence via KASS or have them call our Scheduling team at 866-535-5998.  They are available Monday through Friday from 4am-6pm MST.  If you are not active and do not have a current Kelly Background we are not allowed to place you in a classroom.

What kind of training is offered to Kelly Educational Staffing substitutes?

All Kelly Educational Staffing substitute teachers must complete an orientation and training session before entering the classroom. This includes:

  • Substitute teacher orientation, including a review of topics such as classroom management, teaching strategies, and legal and health related issues
  • A Kelly Educational Staffing program orientation

Kelly also offers a variety of web-based educational training and professional development courses via the Kelly Learning Center along with other free software training.

What if a school wants to hire a substitute teacher full-time?

Kelly Educational Staffing is pleased to hear that some of our substitute teachers may be hired by a school! If you have been approached about taking a full-time position with one of our schools, please contact the Kelly Educational Staffing Office.

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